I'm a newbie here, but if someone could help me th...
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I'm a newbie here, but if someone could help me that would be awesome 😄 How to return some value from notebook solid? I've tried 
 didn't help Also why is documentation so wild, you start intro with defining solids with decorator and after a while you are using SolidDefinitions, is there a way for dagstermill solid to be defined with decorator? Sorry if my questions are stupid, really just trying to learn this is basically my structure and I would like my solid transformation_joins.. to be ipynb that can return value / variable from notebook, if that's possible.
Hi @Milos Tomic, what issue did you have when you used
dagster.core.errors.DagsterStepOutputNotFoundError: Core compute for solid "dummy" did not return an output for non-optional output "result"
Can you give me minimal example of usage so I can understand where I got it wrong
I tried with simple notebook, and still getting the same error
import dagstermill as dm
result = 3