Hi everyone, great post on medium! If I understood...
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Hi everyone, great post on medium! If I understood correctly, you already created the company elementl which owns/controls dagster if that is correct? So, although dagster is open-source I am wondering what kind of implications elementl has on dagster? How do you plan to monetize/steer dagster later on?
@schrockn any thoughts on this? a statement on this is important before we as a company can start to invest in learning and applying this new infrastructure/protocol
Hey Florian thanks for the kind words. So while I don’t have detailed plans to share about business model or plans at this time, I can give you some broad principles under which we operate. 1) We plan on building a viable business. 2) Our current near-term focus is the open source project. 3) We will strive to ensure that the incentives are aligned between our open source community and our business customers. There will be no coercive measures or pressure to drive open source users to be paying customers. 4) It is very healthy for an open source project to be backed by a financially stable company who has a vested interest in the open source project’s health. This is a great outcome for all stakeholders. 5) The business will take the form of a hosted product that leverages the adoption of Dagster to enable new capabilities for businesses and users. 6) The core dagster project will always be open source.
Great, thank you for that outline 🙂