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Gleb Mezhanskiy (Datafold)

03/05/2021, 4:55 PM
Hi all 👋, If you have been recently thinking about improving your data testing and productivity in general, come join us for the upcoming Data Quality Meetup on Thursday, March 11th at 9AM PST to learn about the latest trends, tools and success stories for data observability, quality management and productivity! We have an amazing list of speakers for the upcoming event including: • David Wallace (Senior Data Engineer @ Dutchie) – btw, check out Dave's post on using D to identify & deprecate stale data assets! • John Lee (Director of Analytics @ Thumbtack) • Julia King (VP of Data @ Carta) RSVP here If you are curious to learn more about Data Quality Meetup, you can check out the digest and recordings from the previous event.