Hi team, while enabling read only dagit instance u...
# deployment-kubernetes
Hi team, while enabling read only dagit instance using the helm chart, is there any way we can set annotations to only the read only dagit service? When I tried to add annotations under
, looks like they get applied to both the services?
I don't think the helm chart supports this usecase
Hmm, I guessed it.
@johann Is this something that can added to the helm chart?
I think so! Feel free to submit a PR. Would be interesting to know your use case though
Another option would be a post render filter with something like Kustomize to tweak that Dagit deployment
Thanks for the suggestions. The use case is, we need to register the services to consul internally in order to expose it to the users with Okta authentication. With the internal process, we need to set some specific annotations to the service in order for consul to pick it up. @johann looks like our internal infra setup currently does not support kustomize.