Hello, I recently added `s3compute log manager` to...
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Hello, I recently added
s3compute log manager
to my helm chart and deployed successfully. It works as expected; However, dagit was bumped up to
(from 0.11.2) and a few minutes later my hourly schedule was kicked off but errored out. I didn't make any other changes prior to the above and the version bump but I also couldn't find anything in the release notes except the below, which I don't believe applies in my case (I am using
but the pipeline exists
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Schedules and sensors that target a pipeline_name that is not present in the current repository will now error out when the repository is created.
lastest tick Apr 6 .... UTC Failure
Hi Jason - the most likely cause here is that your user code deployment is still back on 0.11.2 and you're running into a version incompatibility between the daemon and that deployment
if you update user code to 0.11.3 I'd expect this problem to go away
It is on 0.11.2 but I thought minor version differences was okay
We try to maintain version compatibility within a single major version when possible but it's not something we currently can guarantee
what we do guarantee is that any breaking changes when you update your full deployment within a major version will be rare (if ever) and clearly noted within the release notes
Okay, thanks. I'll update the user code and test that out.... Would you happen to know if there's a way to pin versions?
helm upgrade
only makes changes in the values file
I typically just run something like
helm upgrade --install dagster-release dagster/dagster -f helm_values.yaml
Just add --version 0.11.2 to the end of the install command to pin the chart version
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