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Roel Hogervorst

05/12/2022, 12:03 PM
I use dagster in my day to day job, but did you know you can also abuse dagster for day to day issues? In this blogpost I'm reading planning information from a google sheet and write the results to google calendar. I'm running this on a low powered raspberry pi 3b. If you want to see more, look at the github repo Of course running dagster like this misses all the great parts of dagster: • It is not resilient at all, dagster, deamon and run storage all run on the same machine • Version control and modern CI/CD are all but non-existent • I can't use pandera because I can't install arrow on this device • This thing is really really low specced. quadcore 1.4Ghz ARM 1GB RAM vs my laptop: 16gb RAM i7 2.2GHz (also 4 cores)
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05/12/2022, 7:21 PM
This is so great! I just added the post to the Dagster Community Spotlight on the Community Page. 😄
BTW we've recently created this Github Discussion to help share projects that are using Dagster more publicly. Feel free to share your post there!