It's unclear to me how config works with assets. W...
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It's unclear to me how config works with assets. With jobs, I've gotten used to passing in a
dict when creating the job, which produces a default configuration in the jobs pane. This is nice because it provides a set of runtime defaults for end users to view. With assets, it seems that there is no way to provide a set of default config for materializations. So the options are to either: 1. Create a job that materializes the asset and provide config there. But, this doesn't allow users to click "Materialize" in Dagit without passing in additional config. 2. Pass in default values to the
, which allows the "Materialize" button to work, but does not show config in the UI. Do I have that right? My use case right now is that I have an asset that is produced via an AWS Sagemaker Training Job, and I want to allow data scientists to both see and override the training instance size and other runtime parameters for individual training runs.
You can also pass them to the
function, but this doesn’t seem to show up on the interface. It could just be an odd interaction in my case since I’m defining the assets with the
function. Also interested to know if there’s a better way.
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def repo():
    return [
                "source": my_cool_source,
                "source": {"config": {"my_cool_parameter": "my_cool_value"}},
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Hey @Stephen Bailey - if we showed default config values in the UI, would that solve your problem?
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yeah, i think that would be ideal!
+1 from me, would be very helpful
Got it - we haven't 100% nailed down our post-1.0 plans, but this is something we're interested in addressing soon:
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