I want to make an `@whatnot_job` decorator that me...
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I want to make an
decorator that merges in default config into job definitions. Has anyone done this before? I am having some difficulty getting the args to pass correctly. What I want is something like this -- anyone
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def whatnot_job(func, **kwargs):
    # merge default tags with passed in tags
    default_tags = {"foo": "bar"}
    kwargs["tags"] = kwargs.get("tags", {}).update(default_tags)

    # create a job by passing in updated kwargs to @job decorator
    def my_job():
        return func

    return my_job
anyone have ideas on how to do this? also, not sure if #dagster-feedback is the right place for these "best practices" type of questions?
It's similar to what @Binoy Shah mentions here. Not sure if you got something built for the @heavyjob? https://dagster.slack.com/archives/C014N0PK37E/p1654550563253299
i think the Factory pattern would always generate the same op/job pattern?
I recently made an
wrapper: https://dagster.slack.com/archives/C01U954MEER/p1650473204641889 , may have some similarities in how you'd implement it.
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amazing @Mark Fickett , this is exactly what i want
Mark beat me to the punch, but I had
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def whatnot_job(*args, **kwargs):
    default_tags = {"foo": "bar"}
    kwargs["tags"] = {**kwargs.get("tags", {}), **default_tags}

    def inner(func):
        return (job(*args, **kwargs))(func)

    return inner

def johann_whatnot_job():
(which I have only cursorily tested)
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@Dagster Bot docs Custom job and op decorators
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@johann this is perfect 🎉