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Discussion Topic: Versioning of Dags/Pipelines and display in dagit. Hi I wanted to bring up discussion on Versioning of dags/pipelines. This is not talking about git versioning but rather treating a single pipeline [dag] as versioned artifact. Displaying the version in the UI so the pipeline executor can visually inspect what’s version is running Deployment Modes: 1. Kubernetes User Deployments: One pipeline [dags] per docker image (deployment) 2. Kubernetes User Deployments: Many pipelines [dags] per docker image (deployment) When working with docker images, the version is managed and deployed, but here the versioning stays limited to CI/CD and not exposed to end consumers/analysts. There is still simplicity due to 1:1 mapping between docker image release and pipeline release, but when working with multiple dags/pipelines within single docker image [user-deployment], the version traceability is mostly lost without any rigid tracking process Is there a conventional way of displaying what dag / job version is running/deployed currently. Can we tag Job definition and display tags for the job on the UI ?
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this is a neat idea. seems like something where you might be able to leverage the new metadata and tagging features. I'm not sure exactly the best way to get the githash automatically updated -one simple idea would be to have ci/cd stamp it into some file that is included in the repo and that gets read from when creating job metadata
That looks promising. Thanks
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I think dagster-cloud is doing this at the workspace level i.e. for each docker container