Hey folks, I have a base job that follows a set of...
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Hey folks, I have a base job that follows a set of operations. With the way we initially developed our in-house ETL library, we’re passing configs to this library and executing a series of steps, which led really nicely to having a single job in dagster and only defining the configs for each run on the schedules. It would be great to see the
passed to the job when inspecting the schedule. Currently we’d have to go into one of the runs and check the tags and config, and if the schedule never ran, we don’t have a way to review the config (or I’m missing it). Is it something you’ve thought about in the past?
Hi Vinnie. Currently the schedule page allows you to view the config/runs requested for each tick:
Is there some information that you think would be helpful here? I can file an issue request if you find this functionality insufficient
Hi Claire, the current state is fine, but I was thinking of something like another row between the information up top and the tick/run history with the schedule configuration showing what’s currently deployed. It’s a very minor issue, but would certainly be a small QoL improvement 🙂
Got it--I can file an issue for this so we can track this feature request
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@Dagster Bot issue display latest run config in schedule page