Hi, is it possible to set a default value for a co...
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Hi, is it possible to set a default value for a config parameter for an op, but then still be able to "see" it in the Dagster UI to be able to modify - specifically in the launch pad? So, if I have an op like this:
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@op(config_schema={"op_param": Field(int, default_value=3)})
def op(context):
   do something
Then in Dagit UI, I want to be able to modify the value from 3 to 2 in the launchpad where other config params are displayed that have been supplied by a YAML file?
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In the Launchpad, if I hover over the op in the right hand pane, I can see what the default value is set to, but how to change this to then launch a run manually with some other configuration?
Hi Megan, We’re working on some improvements to how default config works because we’ve gotten consistent feedback about this. For now, you can’t directly edit the default value-- instead, you just see it in the right-hand pane and enter the new value in the left-hand pane:
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      field_with_default: new_value
I see, thanks for the feedback Sean. This will be a great addition to have.