Hello, could anyone assist me with this error, as ...
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Hello, could anyone assist me with this error, as I was trying to run this job on a branch deploy. deployment was successful. there are 13 assets in the repository I was materialize all of them. some of them succeed and some failed with the following error. I deployed the workspace in a staging env.
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Multiprocess executor: child process for step my_event_name unexpectedly exited with code -9
exit code
means the process was killed with
, probably because it was using too much memory here's a slack thread from someone with the same issue https://dagster.slack.com/archives/C02LJ7G0LAZ/p1660065480424369
Ah, thanks Jamie. it seems to be the case. say one of my asset needs to download 5000 files from a s3 bucket. and how can I walk around this issue? FYI: I got the error in the staging env , is it possible in the prod env more memory is accessible so the problem won’t exist