Hi! I'm using a sensor that triggers a partitioned...
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Hi! I'm using a sensor that triggers a partitioned asset job as soon as a file is detected in an S3 bucket, I'd like to retrieve metadata in the assets that originally came from the sensor. Is there a way to achieve this?
If you’re trying to access that metada inside the job triggered by the sensor, you can pass it ti the job through the
argument of the
You could also directly query the event records from within an op in your job if you don't want to pass it through run config:
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records = context.instance.get_event_records(EventRecordsFilter(event_type=DagsterEventType.ASSET_MATERIALIZATION, asset_key=AssetKey("foo")))
for record in records:
    metadata_entries = record.event_log_entry.materialization.metadata_entries