Hey guys! So i’ve created my asset graph, and read...
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Hey guys! So i’ve created my asset graph, and read config from files such that I’m able to click and materialize individual assets over and over again. However, if I try to modify the run_config using the UI, I’m unable to do so without running the entire thing again. essentially i’m managing changes to a more public development environment, and a private sandbox environment (gcp project). Whats the best way to handle this? I find that if i don’t do dagster_config_from_files I won’t be able to take advantage of the click + materialize button on the UI
cc @sean
Hi Charles, could you help me a bit understand what you’re doing? At present, software-defined assets do not support config-- (though this will change in our next major release). Where are you defining the
for your SDAs that you’re trying to set values for with the