Hey all, I’m running a few local tests integrating...
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Hey all, I’m running a few local tests integrating dagster (locally) to a collection of python scripts for ETL. We log information with the standard python logging library (usually not setting anything besides
), but when examining runs, dagit shows the
logs under
instead of
. It’s as small of an issue as it gets, but does anyone know how to define where the logs should be outputted to in the UI? I tried setting
{python_logs: {python_log_level: INFO}}
but it didn’t seem to change anything. I saw the example with the
yaml config but that would require us to name the loggers, which we don’t do at the moment (logger is called with
), and I’d like to avoid refactoring a bunch of the code.
Hi Vinnie. You might be able to set the logger destination using a stream handler. Haven’t tested these flows, but have you tried https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2302315/how-can-info-and-debug-logging-message-be-sent-to-stdout-and-higher-level-messag?
Will check tomorrow and report back, just wrapped up the day today 🙂 might be something to add to the dagster docs if it works out?