I have a backfill where one of the 174 runs is mar...
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I have a backfill where one of the 174 runs is marked as "skipped". How do I find out which run was skipped? (skipped doesn't seem to be a status you can search for)
Skipped would imply that no run was created for a certain partition. I think this would be shown in the partitions page. cc @prha
Yeah, this backfill status is not that helpful. We’re planning on rebuilding the partititon/backfill pages in the next few weeks. I think the way we calculate “Skipped” is finding all partitions that were requested but did not result in a created run.
Here’s something you can run to figure this out in the meantime:
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from dagster import DagsterInstance
from dagster.core.storage.pipeline_run import PipelineRun, RunsFilter

backfill_id = "my_backfill_id"
instance = DagsterInstance.get()
backfill = instance.get_backfill(backfill_id)
requested_partitions = backfill.partition_names
runs = instance.get_runs(RunsFilter(tags=PipelineRun.tags_for_backfill_id(backfill_id)))
created_partitions = [run.tags.get('dagster/partition') for run in runs]
skipped_partitions = set(requested_partitions) - set(created_partitions)
I can manage not knowing in the short term - looking forward to the new backfills implementation!