Hi all. I been getting error when running with he...
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Hi all. I been getting error when running with helm on describing multiple ports (80, 43) for dagit service.
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  replicaCount: 1
    # When a tag is not supplied for a Dagster provided image,
    # it will default as the Helm chart version.
    repository: "<http://docker.io/dagster/dagster-celery-k8s|docker.io/dagster/dagster-celery-k8s>"
    tag: ~
    pullPolicy: Always

    type: LoadBalancer
    # Defines the port where Dagit will serve requests; if changed, don't forget to update the
    # livenessProbe and startupProbe entries below as well.
        port: 80
        targetPort: http
        port: 443
        targetPort: https
I get this error. Error: UPGRADE FAILED: values don't meet the specifications of the schema(s) in the following chart(s): dagster: - dagit.service: Additional property httpPorts is not allowed - dagit.service: Additional property httpsPorts is not allowed Please advise.
The reason for this setup is because I need to call dagster through dagster-graphql from Google Cloud Function. My goal is as describe within this document (skip creating DNS and calling directly Dagster graphql through port 443): https://medium.com/google-cloud/calling-an-internal-gke-service-from-cloud-functions-2958f9218355
Hi David, what is the goal? To serve Dagit on multiple ports?
If you’re looking to add more endpoints to the dagit service, you could • Modify the service created by the helm chart using something like Kustomize • Create a separate service with your desired spec pointing at the same Dagit pods
Hi @johann I'll try that and get back to you shortly. Thanks
Hi @johann I figured it out on my own. thanks
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