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04/01/2022, 6:07 AM
How can I use: the file path as the output of an SFTP sensor as a source asset/input to an asset which eventually retrieves the file and stores it? I get:
DagsterInvalidDefinitionError: Input asset '["file_path"]' for asset 'my_asset' is not produced by any of the provided asset ops and is not one of the provided sources
when passing the file path. When trying to proceed as in the OP:
: dagster fails with
asset() got an unexpected keyword argument 'config_schema'
. How can I pass the output
one Workaround might be an manual explicit
from the op (as written above the OP works well).
But I think this is not fully correct - or at least does not feel awesome - as then additional sensors are needed to listen on asset materializations to fire any downstream step - whereas the software-defined-assets should automatically build this lineage graph and mark assets as stale (and if not mistaken also allow to update them).