Hi, I’m new to Dagster and am trying to set up a p...
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Hi, I’m new to Dagster and am trying to set up a production deployment for my company. I’m a bit confused as to the difference between Dagster Cloud and regular Dagster. What’s the difference between setting up an ECS Agent (https://docs.dagster.cloud/agents/ecs/setup) as opposed to deploying Dagster to AWS (https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/aws). Is there a recommendation for one over the other? Thanks in advance!
Upon further reading — Dagster Cloud is a managed service that is still in Beta, so I should self-host until I get off the waitlist
dagster cloud hosts the "dagit" user interface, and has a couple of utilities that make it simpler to do a full CI/CD workflow. you'll still need to stand up your orchestration service (we use EKS), but if you can get in (and pay for) Dagster Cloud, it can simplify some of the full deployment
you can see some of the features of cloud in the docs: https://docs.dagster.cloud/guides/managing-deployments
Hey @Nicholas Reaching out now, we'd be happy to get you started in cloud!
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