if i make an alert policy with an empty tags secti...
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if i make an alert policy with an empty tags section, will it send notifications for every run? a la
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  - name: "slack-alert-policy"
    description: "An alert policy to send a Slack notification to sales on job failure or success."
    tags: []
      - "JOB_SUCCESS"
      - "JOB_FAILURE"
        slack_workspace_name: "hooli"
        slack_channel_name: "sales-notifications"
cc @rex
Currently, you’ll need to specify at least one tag for alerts to fire. But the behavior you're expecting is pretty reasonable, so I can make a change to make this into a reality
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yeah, i think we'd probably go with an "alert the data team for everything" and then add supplementary policies for specific teams as a first use case
hey @rex, no pressure, but do you have an ETA on when something like this would go in? i'd prefer to run all slack alerts through this pattern rather than
sensors, but it's easy enoguh for me to do so. we're rolling a bunch of stuff out in the next two weeks so just trying to sequence some work
no rush though
I have a PR out already, we can do another push today 🙂
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