I’m writing part 2 of Dabbling with Dagster! Right...
# dagster-serverless
I’m writing part 2 of Dabbling with Dagster! Right now if I were to make changes locally in VSCode (as far as I understand I can’t change the code in my repo in Dagster Cloud), I would need to run Dagster locally to test them. The other way would be to commit them to my PR branch and then Dagster Cloud branch deployments would reflect the changes I’ve made, but there is quite a bit of lag doing this between making my change and seeing if it works. I would end up committing a fair bit of junk to check it works.
Hi David - that's right, branch deployments and running a local Dagster instance are the two main ways that we see people do local development on their jobs. Any code that works in Dagster Cloud should also load in a local instance of Dagster and vice versa. Your point about branch deployments is well taken - reducing the lag between updating a branch and seeing the change reflected in the UI is one of our main engineering priorities right now.
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Great thanks for confirming!
I’ll try installing locally
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worked first time on m1 which wasn’t the case with Airflow! 🙌
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Awesome - Once Dagit is installed I would expect 'dagit -m my_dagster_project' (assuming you're using the module the example github repo installed) to load your code in the local instance
You can also set up a debug profile for dagit in vscode. I don’t see this as something I’d use long term, but its been very helpful for learning dagster.