This is a bit different from normal patterns I thi...
# dagster-feedback
This is a bit different from normal patterns I think, but I've been thinking about how to make it easier for new users to understand what Dagster is doing. One great thing about dbt onboarding is that it is simply: add a SQL file, do
dbt run
, see your table come into existence. It seems like there could be some really nice asset-based tutorials if there was a
dagster asset materialize <selector>
command line function. This would allow users to write asset files and run them from the CLI without the overhead of setting up Dagit, creating jobs, etc. A
dagster asset plan <selector>
would also be useful if it listed out whether assets information actually existed (i.e. whether previous materliaizations existed).
This is a really cool idea! Cc @sandy @erin
Oooh, I really dig this! I know I would've loved that when I started tinkering with Dagster earlier this year.
Here's the issue where we're tracking this: I'm fairly surprised we don't get asked for this more.
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