Weekly Release Highlights: 1.1.7 :sparkles: :new...
# dagster-releases
Weekly Release Highlights: 1.1.7 āœØ šŸ†• New opt-in entrypoint
which eliminates unnecessary concepts such as Repository and Workspace. Dagit, examples, docs are largely updated to reflect this. āŒ› Lagged / rolling window partition mappings šŸ”€ Asset partitions can now depend on earlier time partitions of the same asset šŸŽļø Schedules created by
execute more performantly dagsir More on integrations: ā€¢ dbt dagster-dbt now supports declarative scheduling (API Docs) ā€¢ A dagster-airflow allows for configuring Airflow connections used by migrated DAGs (API Docs) ā€¢ A New docs for transitioning to Dagster from Airflow: https://docs.dagster.io/integrations/airflow/from-airflow-to-dagster
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