I just posted a <GH discussion> to further announc...
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I just posted a GH discussion to further announce and discuss the switch from
. Again to reiterate, there is no need to migrate at the present time. However I do know that many of your are accountable to stakeholders that you need to onboard onto Dagster, and we think this smooths the way. And it will be front-and-center in our documentation and content, so migration will make your code more in line with that.
D 2
The only thing I'm not clear on is how the
changes things. If I only ever define one
resource for my code location, can I stop defining it in my assets? For example, will this work like I expect?
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from dagster import asset, Definitions
from my_repo.resource_utils import configured_snowflake_resource, configured_datadog_resource

@asset(required_resource_keys={"snowflake", "datadog"})
def foo():
    return "bar"

def = Definitions(
    resources={"snowflake": configured_snowflake_resource, "datadog": configured_datadog_resource}
Currently, I have been adding the following in all my asset definitions:
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resource_defs={"snowflake": configured_snowflake_resource, "datadog": configured_datadog_resource}
Do I no longer need to do that, and should I simply declare required resource keys?
Yeah you can just declare the required resource keys.
This is great, any plans to update the tutorial videos on YouTube with