I am curious the best way to exclude some Dagster/...
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I am curious the best way to exclude some Dagster/Airbyte stream configs from the application build and instead provide it as a ConfigMap. I am not experienced in using ConfigMaps or Volumes, but curious what the best method (and allowable using Helm deployment) to reference configuration yamls within the application code.
Hi dusty - I think you would use a volume for this: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/storage/volumes/#configmap
https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/guides/kubernetes/deploying-with-helm#step-61-configure-the-deployment has an example of configuring a volume and volume mount in your code (you typically need to specify both, its a bit finnicky)
looking it over now that example yaml is a bit weird - typically the volume mount would have the same name as the volume
our example is weird that is, the k8s example is fine
👍 sounds good I’ll have a look.
So it just makes that volume data accessible in the user deployment mode in the
yeah it'd be available in any pod that dagster spins up for that code
runs too
👍 Sounds great, will get into it. Looks to be the perfect solution for the Airbyte stream configurations.
Another question specific to Volumes/Configmaps…does the configMap name value under
correspond to an external ConfigMap I’ve already created on my infra?
or will that create a configMap for me with that value
the former
Got it -thanks. Got it up and wired up, now I’m just brainstorming on best way to push changes to the volume (I assume just a redploy?)
If the configmap is mounted as a volume then updating the configmap will automatically update the file in all the pods mounting it. This might take some time depending on the Kubernetes configuration of your provider (up to two minutes is expected). Otherwise, if that’s not a viable solution you can always create a new configmap and point your deployment to it, but this will require a rollout.