Hi everyone, I have pipelines stuck in `STARTING` ...
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Hi everyone, I have pipelines stuck in
mode. They keep on accumulating over the period of time. Currently I have to terminate them manually from DAGIT UI. I want to terminate them programmatically using the Graphql api. Is there a way this can be achieved? I am using
query to filter out the ones that are in
mode, but I can't tell how long they have been in that state. I would like to terminate the ones that pending for more than a day.
Also, there is an
argument in the
. What type of value can be passed to it? I am hoping something like datetime could solve my issue
Hi Navneet - this doesn't directly answer your question but in later version of dagster we can automatically do this for you - it's possible that upgrading will be a similar amount of work to building this feature yourself? (start_timeout_seconds here: https://docs.dagster.io/deployment/run-monitoring#run-monitoring)
to more directly answer your question - there should be a startTime field on the run object in graphql
But startTime field for the runs in STARTING mode has value null.
We show a timestamp in dagit though right? Dagit uses graphql too so if it shows up in dagit there must be some way to fetch it
One sec
Hi, did you find something?
looks like back in 0.12.x this was pipelineRunsOrError { stats { startTime } }
Would still recommend considering an upgrade
Thanks, launchTime parameter works for me.