Hello, I have a pricing question about Dagster Clo...
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Hello, I have a pricing question about Dagster Cloud (just to be sure). We have currently running concurrent pipelines in another etl tool which are combined active for 57 hours a day (the pipeline run is about 4-5 hours). We are planning to switch to dagster due to the nice features, but are struggling about the price. Can someone give please an indication for this use case? All pipelines tasks are executed on a sql server so the orchestrator just kicks off some stored procedures.
Hi Joris, Glad you are excited about Dagster! Our standard pricing is based on the total run time, not the clock time, so it would be 57 hours for your case. Our enterprise pricing is structured differently. If you are running this pipeline each day, our enterprise pricing will make more sense. Perhaps we can talk through your use case? We can also discuss the flavor of Cloud, hybrid or serverless, and get you setup with a trial. You can either fill out this form, https://dagster.io/contact or shoot us an email (sales@elementl.com) and then I and an account executive can grab 20 minutes with you this week or early next week.
Thank you for the clarification. We are planning to contact sales in the coming week.
@Sean Lopp We have contacted the sales team via the website but had no response till now. Just for information: how long can it take to schedule a talk with someone of the sales team? Thank you in advance!