# dagster-cloud

Mark Fickett

01/14/2023, 1:23 AM
Does a Dagster job stick to one specific Docker image sha per run? For example if I: 1. push and tag my-job:staging in my container registry 2. update my code location for my-job with my-job:staging and see it refresh 3. start my-job and let it run for a bit 4. while it's still running, push, tag, and update my code location with some changes 5. my-job continues to run and eventually finishes Does that run of my-job use one consistent Docker image for all the steps in its run? Or does it confuse anything that the definition of my-job:staging (and my-job's code location) change during the run?


01/14/2023, 1:28 AM
It uses one consistent docker image - no confusion!
errrr wait
it uses a tag to avoid confusion - as long as the tags change every time, there will be no confusion
ty thankyou 1
A common practice is to use the git SHA as the tag for this reason - since that changes when the code changes

Mark Fickett

01/14/2023, 1:31 AM
Gocha, I'll switch away from using the same tag every time.