I'm following this <testing assets> tutorial and I...
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I'm following this testing assets tutorial and I'm seeing
NameError: name 'nabisco_cereals' is not defined
when running
pytest complex_asset_graph.py
. Adding
from complex_asset_graph import nabisco_cereals
to my test script will avoid this error, but it feels like this is not in the spirit of testing with dagster and there is likely a better way. I reviewed the testing docs but was not able to find anything so far. I am using dagster version 1.1.14 and python 3.7.9. Any insights are appreciated!
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oh, I think this is assuming that the asset from here is in scope (either in the same file or imported): https://docs.dagster.io/tutorial/assets/asset-graph#a-more-complex-asset-graph
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This is helpful, thanks!