Is it possible to add dependencies to SourceAssets...
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Is it possible to add dependencies to SourceAssets? Our underlying data looks something like raw -> cleaned -> dataproduct. Raw and dataproduct are both tables, but the
is merely a view on raw that is created in a notebook. I'd like to create the dependencies in dagster though. So if
is newer than
it'll be marked as stale, but i don't want
to be an actual asset that dagster thinks it needs to materialize, because it isn't. My current best bet is to create an asset that has a no-op
Hi @Casper Weiss Bang dependencies to source assets isn’t supported right now. Feel free to open a github feature request though!
cool cool. I'm not sure that would give me the stale-status through. I've done it with what i called a
- which still has to be materialized, but is materialized instantly. And i'll just make it update automatically when it's dependencies materialize.