I'm trying to set up a deploy with an EC2 launch t...
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I'm trying to set up a deploy with an EC2 launch type, which with a network mode of
requires enabling task ENI, which would require modifying our Ubuntu AMI in a way I probably can't, as well as ENI trunking, which is also an issue. I see comparatively few EC2 launch type configs in here, mostly Fargate. Are we certain
is needed? Does anyone know why?
Probably just going to add a Fargate task definition instead. This is getting too involved.
Are we certain
is needed?
Originally we only supported Fargate.
is the only network mode that AWS supports for Fargate. I bet as our ECS support evolved to also support EC2, we never relaxed that constraint. It looks like you’ve maybe found a workaround for now by launching in Fargate instead, but if you open an issue in GitHub, we can look into relaxing the constraint. I think we’d more or less need to thread this through
instead of hardcoding it. And then give you a way to configure that on the launcher: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/74eac38af3cb7c9f65306f6c151c4dad07a2d427/python_modules/libraries/dagster-aws/dagster_aws/ecs/tasks.py#L71
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Thanks! That's really helpful.
I guess specifying
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use_current_ecs_task_config: false
task_definition: <arn-of-a-manually-created-task-definition-without-awsvpc>
  cluster: <cluster-name>
in EcsRunLauncher config could be a workaround for this issue?
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