# integration-dbt

Ruben Galicia

02/22/2023, 11:17 PM
Hi! I'm studying a bit the Dagster orchestrator and I have some doubts. My idea is use this tool only as a scheduler and runner for commands since I have the business logic developed in other repositories and containers. So, the architecture would be: 1. A container with Dagit 2. A container with Dagster daemon 3. A container with DBT models (business logic) 4. A container with Python runnable functions Here my doubts: • What would the best way be to define ops and jobs to execute DBT models (2) from the Dagster daemon environment (1)? Is there some specific Dagster library to make this easier? The command to run by the Dagster daemon should be translated to something similar to:
docker exec -t [container_DBT] bash -c "dbt run ...."
• The same question to execute the Python scripts hosted in the other Docker container. Thanks in advance!