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Agon Shabi

02/28/2023, 10:13 AM
Hello! What's the recommended way of defining a
with a custom business calendar? Extend the class and override specific methods? if so, which ones? Thanks!


02/28/2023, 4:49 PM
Hi @Agon Shabi - would you be able to represent the custom business calendar as a fancy cron string? If not, I don't think this is currently possible, but if you'd be up for filing an issue we might be able to add it at some point

Agon Shabi

02/28/2023, 5:09 PM
Hey, unfortunately it's too irregular for a cron string 😞 Currently we're just using (partitioned) ops/graphs/jobs so i might end up implementing a sort of "pilot light" pattern - where at the beginning of every graph there's an op that consults its business calendar, and returns a non-required output if it's a relevant business day, and nothing otherwise, causing the downstreams to be skipped on non-business days. I'll have to look at the rest of our data estate before I can say we'd actually need this - I want to transition a bunch of stuff to dagster, both feet in with the assets APIs. Once I get a better look at what we've got, I might come back with an issue. Thanks for the great work!

Benoit Fayolle

03/20/2023, 3:49 PM
Would also be interested in this for a big customer that have their own business calendar