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Mycchaka Kleinbort

03/07/2023, 4:24 PM
Hi all, could someone have a look at this question: It's not explicitly about dagster, but I'd love your opinions (and to be clear, I am using dagster) In short, I'm finding it hard to keep a clean mental model of my dag over time. I get questions like: 1. Is the change in asset x due to the code change or the data change 2. Can you compare asset x as materialized last week to today 3. Can you compare assets ran with different configs And it's making my mental model get very messy. Keen to get thoughts.
So... I have a dag, and it changes over time, and the assets change over time, and the inputs change, but sometimes they get run with different configs, and sometimes an asset as materialized in a previous run should be compared to the current run... It gets messy