curious if there are plans in the future for somet...
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curious if there are plans in the future for something like the ability to export a job into an executable
Interesting, what do you have in mind?
@Mycchaka Kleinbort sort of like compiling it into a python package. let's say i wanted to convert the job to a "vanilla" python job so that someone who doesn't know linux/docker doesn't have to worry about a job running on dagster on the server if i go on vacation.
@Mycchaka Kleinbort i have basically failed to get buyin from my group, and need to keep talend, because no one has the skills necessary to back me up on this framework given where it sits more than the fact that it's a new framework
But, from a functional perspective... are you looking for a "one click" thing to trigger a run? Or something to run on your collegue's computers as a program
functionally, i think a on-click would be useful, or some kind of directory that holds all dependencies and code -- i think if its possible to compile that dagster code (for example how svelte compiles to vanilla js)...and on a broader level, if i wanted to share a job with someone else, it should be easier to port that from my dagster setup to theirs
i look at jobs as sort of components but maybe im wrong
A bit confused on the use case here, what’s your deployment story? With a healthy deployment of dagster, should be fine for less technical folks to just interact with dagit and not have to worry about code at all
But you can also execute a job using the python APIs in dagster (execute_job, execute_in_process) in a python script, and then wrap that into a python executable for example