I'm a bit confused on how slack hooks work here. ...
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I'm a bit confused on how slack hooks work here. I've set these two function up in my job and they do send messages to slack but they send a success or failure message for each op within my job rather than just sending a message when the job completes with a success or failure. Is there a standard way to send messages when the job completes? Is it a modification on this approach? I thought I was setting these at the job level.
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def slack_message_on_success(context: HookContext):
    send_slack_message(context, True)

def slack_message_on_failure(context: HookContext):
    send_slack_message(context, False)

and then I have my job decorator set with 

    resource_defs={"slack_webhook_url": slack_webhook_url_resource},
    hooks={slack_message_on_success, slack_message_on_failure},
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I think I've found the right docs for the behavior I'm looking for https://docs.dagster.io/dagster-cloud/managing-deployments/setting-up-alerts
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