Hey team, I found this in my Dagster cloud deploym...
# integration-dbt
Hey team, I found this in my Dagster cloud deployment this morning. I moved the the new
api and I got this. I don't think it is Dagster since it's dbt's api limits. Any ideas how I can get around this? Or any others seeing the same thing?
We could probably make this error message a bit more informative. • Could you confirm that the job id for your dbt Cloud job exists? Did that change at all? • When you run this locally, are you running into the same issue?
Job id exists, I run locally with no issues, all dbt models were loaded as assets. And to clarify, after I redeployed, everything worked. I never run into this issue when I was developing locally
I was wondering if too many calls were sent to the dbt cloud API but that wouldn't make sense because even if the request is sent 5 times to refresh the assets or get a run id, that shouldn't be too much. Also, looking at the code, I'm not sure we are calling the API more than once/twice in the
Yeah this could just be a one-off error with the dbt Cloud api. I can add some more flavor to the error message as a follow up here, but let me know if you run into this again.
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